Welcome to Hi5 Taekwondo

Mission Statement

  • To provide the finest instruction in the mental, physical and character building aspects of the Taekwondo.
  • To provide personal instruction in every class.
  • To provde the best professional facilities in the area.
  • To create an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom.    

What makes Hi5 Taekwondo different?

Our Hi5 guarantee.


No other martial art is more scientific or systemized than Taekwondo. Hi5 TKD is governed by the World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon and Koryo Taekwondo Association. More than 70 million practice Taekwondo in 200+ countries and it is an Olympic competitive sport.


Hi5 has the highest qualified instructors. With more thn 35 years experience as a martial artist, Owner Master Jong Yi created a specialized teaching system tailored to meet the demands of today's family. Master Yi conducts national seminars and teaches other school owners his effective training techniques. Master Yi's Hi5 TKD School partners with parents to build a strong, connected community and is focused on developing tomorrow's leaders today.


As parents we understand the difficulties and stressors facing families today. Hi5's facility is designed to keep you connected and relaxed while you wait.

Grandmaster Jong Yi


  • Kukkiwon 8th Dan Black Belt
  • USA Taekwondo Event / Educational Coordinator - Since 2018
  • Certified Taekwondo/Hapkido Instructor - has been teaching Korean Martial Arts since 1990.
  • UC Davis Taekwondo Instructor/Coach (2009 - 2013)
  • US National Collegiate Taekwondo Poomsae Coach (2012)
  • World Taekwondo Federation Certified Sparring Referee - 1st Class.
  • World Taekwondo Federation Certified Poomsae Referee - 2nd Class.
  • USA Taekwondo Referee Sparring Instructor - Since 2010.
  • USA Taekwondo Referee Poomsae Instructor - Since 2010.​
  • Recipient of United States Presidential Sports Award from Bill Clinton and George Bush.

Hi5 Taekwondo Pledge

Hi5 tkd strives to honor god in all that we do


We will be open, honest, consistent, transparent, fair and reasonable.


We will listen to you and treat everyone with respect without preference or prejudice.


We seek to exceed expectations and continuously improve ourselves as teachers, students and managers.


We are committed to sharing and supporting charitable purposes that benefit children around the world.


Safety is our top priority. We do not share personal information.